Understanding access to education

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Whatever might be the change we look forward to, education will definitely be the passport to the future. The much awaited tomorrow we all long for, belongs to those who prepare for it today.

When we say preparation today for a better tomorrow. There comes a question does everyone have the access to make themselves prepared. This is where access to education plays a major role.

Though we say that our literacy percentage has been increasing through the years. There is still a percentage of children who either have no access or have partial access to education.

Let’s try understanding partial and no access here. Partial access would mean there is access but either it is not fully utilized due to family situation demanding to be employed instead of being educated.

No access is due to lack of facilities in terms of infrastructure and resources in the form of skilled members to provide education.

Though we do have efforts from the Government coming up with new schemes in terms of compulsory primary education. The kids and families also need inspiration and the motivation to send them to school and make them understand the change that will unfold before them once they are educated.

These are people who need to told they have the opportunities and they can be utilised for them to get access to educate. But there are another section who are on a constant struggle each day for their recognition and for the basic human right to get access go education.

It is heartening to see young kids who have the spark in them and long for education but couldn’t because of family’s socio economic background.

But on the other hand we see a lot of NGOs trying their best to reach out to topographical locations to provide the necessary infrastructure and resources so that this section could also get education.

A lot of corporate companies as part of their CSR have taken up activities like teaching at schools in remote locations, helping people there set up a proper infrastructure with basic facilities that would help children there get access to education.

Helping them with resources also includes providing them a library , educational aids that would facilitate smoother access to education.

I was happy that during my tenure in the IT industry, I took part in notebook collection, book collection and library set up drives. It was an enriching experience to meet kids who were thrilled when they received new books, notebooks and their interest in education and getting to know their future dreams.

It was very evident that of these children are nurtured well with quality education we will definitely see a change that we look forward to tomorrow.

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18 Replies to “Understanding access to education”

  1. Right to education is still just a term for a whole lot of children unfortunately… but we are getting there slowly n steadily. It’s so nice that u were a part of those drives while u were employed Sindhu. Must have been very fulfilling.


  2. Education is the only tool that can change the world. There has been immense increase in the awareness towards education and the role of NGOs and corporates in this cannot be ignored.


  3. Thought provoking and hard hitting blog. Education though one of the most basic and essential rights for every child, is barely available to the underpriviliged and in many cases the girl child. I sponsor a girl child though ‘World vision India’ and the feeling that someone is studying thanks to a little help from me, is the best feeling in the world.


  4. A very informative post. There was a time when the literacy rate was judged by if the person could write their name. We have thankfully come a long way from that.


  5. If we all are looking for a change and a better future, it can only be achieved if education becomes the priority. Every child should have to the right to education. Very well written post and needs more and more awareness at ground level.


  6. As the awareness is increasing so are the drives amongst corporate companies and many charitable places to provide the basic education supplies to the poor. The desire to educate oneself is there but due to poverty and inaccessibility many places children are left illiterate. Hopefully one day education will be accessible to all children


  7. Access to education is very much important. You helped people that was a very lovely thing to read. Even the NGO where I was volunteering while I was in Kolkata, Lighthouse. They are working very hard for it for children.


  8. You are absolutely right. Children are like sponges when tit comes to education and knowledge. Al they need is access to it. Your post reminded me of the Hole in the Wall experiment conducted by NIIT years back.


  9. Access to education is a right and we All can contribute and help. A very important topic to write about. Education can change the world and is a powerful weapon.


  10. I like the way you have written such important topic in a wonderful and simple way. We all can contribute our bit too, for a better nation, for much better and more educated children. Education is the biggest tool for a peaceful nation.


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