5 skincare mistakes you’ve been doing

While we all want a happy glowing skin, we also end up making some mistakes. Nobody is an exception when it comes to not making mistakes.

People try all sorts of remedies or tips to keep themselves on the safe skin side but what I’m gonna tell is that these minute mistakes might be happening unknowingly.

Here are five mistakes that you might be doing unknowingly.

Not using the right products for your skin

People get tempted when there is a new launch. Sometimes it’s the brand, the ingredient or your favourite star or even fellow peer group influencers who might make you fall into this. Always make sure you choose products according to your skin.

Ice facials

Probably one of the easiest DIY hacks . Make ice cubes of ingredients that address skin issues or your concerns and voila you are sorted. But nobody told you that you will have to be careful even if it’s a simple ingredient like an ice cube.

Applying ice directly on to skin can cause frost bite. It can cause blood circulation to slow down amd also appear like spidery veins on areas near nose and cheek. Always wrap a towel over the ice cube and massage on the face.

Facial steam

It is said that steam helps open up pores. When you take up facials, steam is given to open pores post which blackheads, whiteheads are removed. But it should also be only warm and not too hot. Very hot water can give you broken capillaries and also lead to permanent damage. So make sure you use a warm towel that’s moist and not a hot one.

Supplements without consultation

Always consult an expert before taking any supplement. It’s becoming a trend to start consuming collagen, HA, flaxseed and fish oil supplement. While there are reports that the ingredients are beneficial most of the research is backed up by the company producing the product. So do not take any without proper consultation.

Using products beyond expiry

Always make it a point to keep checking the expiry dates of products you use. Some people continue to use beyond shelf life because some products are only for topical application. The expiry date is in place because certain ingredients lose their tendency to heal and purpose beyond certain period of time. It is always good to use products only within the usage time mentioned on the packaging.

So I hope you’ve made a checklist and ticked if your doing any of these. If at least there is one please try not to. Happy skincare.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva andNoor Anand Chawla in collaboration with RRE Studios and ShowCase Events.’–

22 Replies to “5 skincare mistakes you’ve been doing”

  1. Oh, oh! I am guilty of using Facial Steam and Ice Cubes on my skin a bit too often. So glad I read your helpful post. Shall refrain, and also shall keep your other pointers in mind.


  2. I actually was thinking we all know things but when we actually apply to the skin we don’t realize what wrong are v doing.


  3. Excellent points, Sindhu. All these “tips” are immensely popular but are quite damaging. Particularly the steam and ice facials without proper care.


  4. Facial steam is an old practice in every home. Next time I’ll try and be more conscious about what I do with my skin. Right products are a must.


  5. This is helpful- was planning to do a beauty audit of my products and luckily read this before- will keep the tips in mind


  6. Very important post. People just include supplements in their diet without consulting a doctor first. I always give preference to natural ingredients like milai and papaya.


  7. You have point out quite essential things for taking care of our skin. I am not comfortable with ice massage … a different type of sensation starts on face while doing it. Overall, it’s an informative post.


  8. Great tips, Sindhu. Most of us don’t even realise the mistakes we are making. Imported products are not tested on Indian skin but still, we sue them. Also, no one checks the expiry dates of cosmetics. By steam do you mean covering the face with a warm towel or inhaling steam?


  9. Helpful skin care tips. I agree that we need to be careful about the expired products – many of us are guilty of not checking these and continue using products till they get over.


  10. Oops! I didn’t know that I should not use Ice directly and I was happily massaging with ice once a week. Thank you for these tips. I will be more careful and use a towel 🙂


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