5 ways to overcome writers block- the bloggers league 2022

Whether you are a script writer for a movie, a lyricist, a full time researcher working on a thesis or someone who writes as a hobby, you are bound to experience writer’s block at some point of time.

No person could say that i sit down and write whenever I feel like and nothing stops me. The writing flows uninterrupted and I do not find myself stressed when I do it.

At some point of time, there would be a pause. A stoppage beyond which you cannot proceed and you don’t know why and how to overcome.

The three main reasons why writer’s encounter the problem is that the timing which isn’t suited for the to continue writing, the deadlines or the time for them to put their thoughts to words. The fear of being seen by others and being judged for their writing. The thought to be a perfectionist is another thing that causes the block.

Here are five ways which will help you deal with writer’s block.


If you are someone who is an avid reader you cn definitely draw in some inspiration from your favorite authors. Sitting down to read an article, a small chapter or even some poetry will help you. Even if you don’t find yourself reading most of the time just reading before you sit down to write will help and give you some motivation. This will help focus your mind to write or even imitate writing of your favorite authors.

Pomodoro technique

People are most productive in 25-minute blocks says the developer of Pomodoro technique, Francesco Cirillo. Use an app Or timer on the watch for 25 minutes. Do not get distracted. After 25, take the much deserved break that you want.

Listening to good music

Sometimes all you need is a soothing music or a voice to make your brain work. For some people they constantly need a voice or a sound in the background to work on. Something like a white noise is what they would need to make them continue writing. Or in other suggestions some jazz would work your brain nerves to keep it working.

Clear the head noise

Let your mind be given time to wander freely and embrace serendipity. Let it get distracted. Forget about what you are writing. Go to a movie or watch a random show on TV. Give yourself a surprise. Reading or getting to know or experiencing sometimes outside your niche also helps the creative juices flow.

Listen to a writing podcast

The writer’s block is a lonely feeling. It gives you the feel that you are the only one experiencing and struggling with it. These writing podcast offer like minded writers some motivation , support and strategies to keep them going. Look up one, listen to it and get back to writing.

Writing is hard work and we all encounter writer’s block at some point of time. Don’t take it hard ok yourself. Give yourself some time to come out of it. Accepting that you have a writer’s block will make it even harder. Find a creative way to come out of it.

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13 Replies to “5 ways to overcome writers block- the bloggers league 2022”

  1. Yeah, every writer experiences the writing blocks, and the post is a nice summary of techniques.
    I will always plug-in my fav song whenever I feel to have that block.
    I can connect to the advice of having some reading to write better


  2. yes writer’s block is a common thing and we all suffer from this time to time. personally, reading works best for me to overcome the writer block. it helps me in getting the mood to write something informative.


  3. Luckily lately, I don’t face the writer’s block. May be because I have something to look forward to each day. Reading helps a lot in finding good topics. Somehow our mind start looking for our next topic when we read something. I also keep one off day when I do not open my laptop.


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