Valentine’s Day gifts for the makeup lover- sustainable gifting options

Ever since I posted about skincare or makeup products that harm the environment as part of my #causeachatter project last year, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on options that are alternatives and that are sustainable too.

Sustainable fashion has now become a trend everybody follows suit. Procuring or buying only what you want has made people take wise decisions when it comes to shopping. A lot of people have also considered picking up from thrift stores and also donating clothes to the same which they deem wouldn’t be of much use to them.

Gone are the days people raised eyebrows when you mentioned thrift store. Now that every tom, dick and harry has consented and following sustainability, it’s a sign that we are moving towards a cleaner planet.

So if fashion is sustainable, the next thing that should would be makeup and skincare . Brands have adopted strategies that make their production more versatile to save planet policies.

Not only brands consumers have also been able to make the switch after seeing the awareness and it’s benefits. They’ve started to be picky and choosy and most importantly particularly stress on clean beauty or sustainable beauty brands that they would want to purchase from.

With Valentine’s Day just right around the corner, here are some sustainable beauty gifting options for the makeup lover.

Reusable makeup cleansing pads/ makeup removal towels

Wipes have been a major contributor to pollution. With the fact that they are not degradable for over years it’s high time we make the switch to cleansing pads. These pads are reusable and also helpful in removing tough makeup.

Here are two of my favourites.

Earthy rhythm – click here to buy

Simply nam – click here to buy

Magic cotton pads or removal pads

Quite often we also use wipes scented to keep the skin fresh. A pack of wet wipes is surely a constant in most women’s handbags. Now worry not as these cotton magic pads not only enrich your skin cause it has olive oil but also helps in makeup removal as well.

Dromen co – click here to buy

Blush sheets

As much as there is innovation in every field makeup industry doesn’t fall back as well. Instead of carrying a pouch with products and brushes here’s to just carrying an envelope. These blush sheets helps in fixing your makeup in one swipe. The sheet absorbs excess oil and makes skin appear fresh and supple.

Dromenco blush sheets – click here to buy

Green beauty or clean makeup

Brands on the quest for making makeup products safe also lead to a lot of products that deliver maximum results and are great on the skin. Cruelty free, toxin free and environmental safe products are being produced and here’s to sharing my favorite brand. Daughter earth is my recent find and I’d definitely recommend.

Lip and cheek tints – click here to buy

Concealer – click here to buy

Cleansing balm

Last but not least, the makeup remover category has been my recent obsession. I’ve been discovering new products that help make the process easier. Mine being a combination skin oil cleansing to remove does not always work 100% for me. I’m sure many would face the problem too. That’s when you use a cleansing balm that helps make the process of makeup removal much easier. These balms blend well and help in removing makeup much easily. Sharing two of my favorites here.

Earthy rhythm – click here to buy

Plum goodness e-luminence – click here to buy

A little self gifting doesn’t hurt so ladies why wait, gift yourselves this season cause we’re worth it.

Also gifting options that are a sustainable choice ensures that you think about the environment as well.

All the links shared above are not affiliate links. These are products which became my favorites post my personal purchase.

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40 Replies to “Valentine’s Day gifts for the makeup lover- sustainable gifting options”

  1. Wow this is such an useful post and you have shared great option of sustainable make up that is great for ourselves and for environment as well. the green make up kit sounds most amazing to me.


  2. I’m actually surprised, I never thought about reusable products, this is a good mention. Lovely post and informative as well.


  3. To be honest I have never ever heard of these brands before as I am not much into makeup or skin care😛. But after reading your post, I think it’s worth giving these options a try knowing that they r skin and environment friendly.


  4. I remember your post about skincare or makeup products harming the environment. This will be very useful for people who are more aware now. I love the idea of using reusable makeup removal pads.


  5. I am fan of Plum’s eLuminence cleansing balm for removing my makeup because it removes the most stubborn of products and is so healthy on the skin. Especially mascara. I have a hard time with removing my mascara and this balm is a life saver!


  6. I personally love using sustainable products and thanks to you for compiling this list on the occasion of upcoming Valentine’s Day. I like the idea of using reusable cleansing towels and I am sure to try the lip tints.


  7. Thanks for the great ideas- I plan to gift some of these to friends- I had no idea about some of these brands so will def give them a whirl


  8. I am not much of a makeup person. More so because of my hypersensitive skin. We need more such products that do not damage the environment. Thanks for the extensive research and for sharing them.


  9. I dont follow beauty trends regularly so your post was a revelation of sorts. I got to know about a lot of useful products like the blush sheet and soothing balm.


  10. I am not much of a makeup person but it made me really happy to know that many brands are focussing on bringing sustainable products to the market. It’s a great step towards a cleaner and greener planet.


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