11 Replies to “Best post office savings scheme for children”

  1. I was aware of few of these schemes but a few were new to me. Investing in good schemes that will give good returns at the right time is very important.


  2. Sometimes we overlook the post office schemes and run behind banks for good offer. Your post has all the schemes and all the benefits too, shall look for Sukanya scheme and invest in it in future.


  3. I am going to share your post with my husband. actually we were looking for some good scheme to save decent amount for higher education of girls. you have shared great options in this post. hope NRIs also can invest in this scheme.


  4. I remember my dad always mentioned that taking schemes from the post office is easy and even fruitful. Kisan Patrika is one among them. This post is extremely helpful!!


  5. Thank you for this compilation ppost. I am looking for one scheme for investing for my son’s future and will surely check these all schemes as my mom also used to invest in post office schemes.


  6. My mom recently introduced me to these saving schemes from the post office. I had no idea that there are so many great options available. I am planning to opt for some saving scheme, will also be opening an account.


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