5 reasons to use rose in skincare

Rose in skincare

Pick up roses when you find them. This is not just to smell their fragrance but as a perfect skin food. So next time don’t just buy roses for you vase. Be it a cleanser,toner, soap, face scrub, face mask, body butter or rose water the ingredient just works wonders on skin.

Why should you include rose in skincare routine?

POWERHOUSE OF ANTIOXIDANTS: We all know that anti oxidants are great for skin. In terms of protecting against sun damage, neutralizing free radicals and skin regeneration. They also work great to delay premature ageing .

HYDRATION AND HEALING: When it comes to dry skin, the skin lacks moisture and also develops cracks. Roses help in providing moisture and helps in preventing moisture loss and keeps the moisture barrier at check. For other skin types, roses help in providing necessary hydration to skin.

REDUCE OILINESS: Roses help in balancing moisture which would also mean that it regulates excess oil secretion. The natural pH of the skin is maintained due to the astringent properties of roses which help in eliminating dirt and oil from skin. As mentioned above by increasing hydration roses also help keeping the oils at bay.

CALMING EFFECT: Roses have anti inflammatory properties in abundance that they can help in soothing skin from redness and irritation. Skin conditions such as eczema could also result in irritated skin which is eased by using roses because of it containing fatty acids and antioxidant combination.

WRINKLE FREE: We already know that antioxidants are in abundance when it comes to roses but it also contains vitamins A and C which are great for anti-ageing properties. So rose does not only help in reducing wrinkles but also dark spots and age spots. They’re a vital source of retinol and also aid in collagen production.

I recently loved incorporating two rose products from Deyga organics into my skincare routine. I always choose products after going through the ingredients and the process from which they are derived; which also means strictly no harsh chemicals.

Products from deyga organics


Rose and geranium body butter

Body butters are generally helpful to provide more moisture to skin. Especially if you have dry skin, body butters are prepared than body lotions because of the hydration and their heaviness. The rose and geranium body butter helps keep dryness away by providing good amount of moisture. The butter spreads easily and keeps skin supple for longer duration. Since roses help in anti-ageing the butter helps in keeping skin free from spots and wrinkles.Best results when used post bath and night time before hitting the beauty sleep.

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, geranium oil and rose oil.
PRICE: Rs. 550 for 100gms


Rose scrub

The ultimate goal of using a scrub is exfoliation which involves removing dead skin cells, dirt and help in regeneration of new skin cells. It helps in polishing the skin and also makes it smooth by drawing out impurities. This one form Deyga has semolina and rice flour which helps in exfoliation whereas rose, aloe vera help in hydration post exfoliation. Beetroot extract provides a rosy glow. Scrubs are mechanical exfoliation so needs ingredients which help soothe skin for which we have the rose. I mixed it with milk for usage and loved how it worked on my combination skin. Best results when used twice a week.
INGREDIENTS: Rose petal, lotus petal, semolina, rice flour, aloe vera powder and beetroot extract.
PRICE: Rs. 570 for 100gms


A brand where purity meets wisdom. This is proven as all products are handmade, organic and gentle on skin. Each product is carefully chosen by hand, formulated and crafted to suit skin types by craftsmen.

20 Replies to “5 reasons to use rose in skincare”

  1. Rose and skincare go hand in hand. It gives needed freshness and rejuvenates our skin. I am hearing a lot about Deyga products . I liked their packaging too.


  2. These are enough reasons to use rose in skincare. It really give freshness to the skin. And Deyga products looks promising. Will going to use these products.


  3. I knew Rose was very good to the skin but did not know that it had so many benefits. I would love to try Deyga products and see how my skin reacts. I will try to get one soon.


  4. rose is a super food for the skin , I love the bunch of recommendation shared by you . Deyga is a trust able brand too . Using their face toner and love it


  5. I have immense faith in the attributes of rose water. I make sure I can use it in any form to my skin, at least on weekends if not daily. Deyga organics products seem promising; though I have never heard about these earlier, I would like to use Rose scrub once.


  6. Heard a lot about these brand as they are into organic skincare products. I am going to use their few products for sure.


  7. I love the fragrance of Rose so anything with its fragrance has to be tried by me. I will surely try out the rose scrub by Deyga. It looks promising.


  8. I simply love the way rose based products smell. Currently I’m using English rose body washes n love them. I loved the Deyga rose body scrub and I would love to try it.


  9. I have been hearing some raving reviews about this brand on the internet and would love to give this a try soon. Rose fragrance is one of my favorites when it comes to skincare. I didn’t know Rose has so many benefits for our skin.


  10. I always use rose toner, and these rose-based body butter and scrub looks good. Shall check the brand Deyga.


  11. Couldn’t agree more, Rose has this unique freshness attached to its name and essence as well. I have rose toners and they are just awesome. Will check out this product too.


  12. I have been meaning to buy a rose scrub for sometime now. This one form Deyga will be perfect for me as it has semolina and rice flour for exfoliation and rose and aloe vera for hydration. Thanks for the recommendation.


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