Lessons from the Secret

Published in 2006, translated into 44 languages worldwide and sold over 20 million copies, the Secret by Rhonda Byrne should definitely be one of the books that you should read before turning 30.

The book garners the secret to achieve what you want. The book lets you know in detail what you need to wish for or how in order to achieve it.

The premises of the law of attraction is what the book clearly outlays. It goes like,

Basically, the law of attraction tells us whatever we will believe, we will manifest. If we believe we are deserving of great love, then we will manifest it. If we believe we are going to be poor, we’re going to stay poor. If we believe we don’t deserve something, it’s not going to come to us. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Makes it very simple to understand that what you think becomes the reality . So the thoughts you have deep down will have a direct impact on what you manifest

Let me quickly take you through the lessons from this book.

The law of attraction

“The law of attraction is the greatest and most infallible law upon which the entire system of creation depends.”

What you think and what you focus attracts things that you want in life just similar to how gravity pulls things down.

Thinking is the starting point

Emotions, actions, habits, career, beliefs, speech, values whatever we give out is based on what we think.

What you see around yourself today was someone else’s thought in the past that was brought to reality.

Now that understanding that the way you think will be the starting point, if there is a change that you want you know where to start making it.

The present circumstance is a result of your past thoughts so the future you want to see will depend on what your thoughts are today.

You attract what you focus on

Whatever you focus on is what you will attract.

Say if you focus on promotion and vacation you get it. On the other hand if you focus on what you don’t want, ( debts) you get that too.

Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.”

People predominantly focus on what they don’t want and without knowing since they focus a lot on it, they tend to attract it.

So if you want something, make it happen in your thoughts, think all the time about it and make sure you focus and also put in your energy into it.

Negative word attraction

The universe doesn’t understand negative words.

Say no, don’t, doesn’t and not. So when you put that in your thought your actually attracting it from the universe.

I don’t want to be poor= I want to be poor

I don’t want to fail = I want to fail

So make sure you think about only what you want. So instead of putting it as I don’t want to fail. Think of it as I will be successful or even better would be that I am successful.

Listen to your feelings

Paying close attention to feelings lets you understand your thoughts. This is what the Secret teaches you.

Let’s take an example of how we feel now?

Happy feeling= happy thoughts

Dejected feelings= dejected thoughts

Jealous feelings= jealous thoughts

The secret tells you to shift focus on what you want when you feel sad, angry or dejected. This will be the solution to your problem, shifting focus from what you don’t want to what you want.

The sooner you switch to positive focus, the more positive your thoughts will be and thereby will be attracting the same from universe.

Three step to success: ask, believe and receive

Ask : Whatever you desire or want to ask, make sure you go down to be specific.

Say instead of saying I want to be successful say I want to become successful in my new venture by two months.

And now if that doesn’t happen in two months you cannot exclaim this approach failed. Let’s look into step two.

Believe : you will attract only what you believe in.

Let’s consider the example from above where you mentioned you want to be successful in your new venture, but somewhere down inside you are still doubtful if you will make it, makes its clear that you don’t believe in what you want.

So first you need to believe that what you wish for is attainable. Only then the universe would be convinced.

So becoming successful in your new venture is something that you are doubtful of in two months, how can the universe be convinced? Sounds legit ?

Receive: So once you start believing pretend that you’ve attained it and start living with it.

This will tube you into the right frequency and also tune your energy completely to receive it.

So if you want to be a designer, keep telling yourself each that you’re a designer which will mould the behavior by creating your role and design with that mindset.

The behavior of having received it, will make you commit actions which help in achieving that goal.

Being grateful

“The power of gratitude stands above everything else. If you only do one thing with the knowledge of the Secret use gratitude until it becomes your way of life.”

The biggest secret is to be grateful for what you already have in life and to be thankful for what you want to receive in future.

This gives a good vibe and also a lot of positive thoughts. Being grateful helps in shifting focus from what you don’t have to what you have.

“Each morning before you get out of bed, make it a habit to feel the feelings of gratitude in advance for the great day ahead, as though it is done.”

I could continue to keep on writing about this book but I’d really love if you could grab a copy of this life changer and read the remaining secrets.

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