Review of Rescue by Christine Reynebeau


When doing it alone is simply too hard, teamwork is the answer!

Follow the story of three dogs as they rescue Phoebe’s favorite ball!

Phoebe can’t find her favorite tennis ball, Walter and Finley come to help find and rescue it! This story is about teamwork; it is a reminder that teams require different skills to accomplish our goals and that sometimes, the best thing we can do is to ask for help!

After the book, we had a discussion on how everyone has their own special abilities and when you put your minds together, anything is possible. – Amazon Review

Children’s book that can be used in elementary schools, at bedtime, or as gifts. Help parents to start the meaningful discussion about the value of a diverse team to overcome challenges!


Rescue is the kind of story that is gentle as the wind, but the moral that it trying to teach makes a great impact. It is a story where three little furry creatures –Phoebe, Walter and Finley set out to find Phoebe’s missing ball.

One sunny day after Henry leaves for school, the three animals set out to play. Finley and Walter went to sniff around. Phoebe as usual sat down to play with her tennis balls , when she notices that her favorite ball is missing. She became frantic and began searching the entire yard, but realized that it is difficult to search for it alone.

She calls for Walter and Finley to help her out. So together they search all around the yard, under each stone, bush and tree but they couldn’t seem to find it. At last, they come to know that it went into Lulu’s yard. Lulu was old and known to be grumpy all the time. All that she is known for is barking when these three have fun.

So they decided to make a plan to rescue the ball from Lulu’s yard by diverting her.

Phoebe distracted Lulu, when Walter ran and Finley had to lookout and keep Walter clear. Unfortunately Walter steps onto a twig, but grabs the ball and Lulu was caught behind in her chain. And thus Phoebe’s favorite ball was safe.

This story brings out the importance of teamwork. We may be excellent in our individual skills but when someone is in need of help, we definitely should pitch in. If several individuals can pitch in the solution can be made easier. In this case they needed each other’s strength to save the day.

This book will teach your kid to understand the importance of team work and its benefits. The illustrations by Jessica are cute and support the narration. Christine has done a great job of coming up with this book to teach about team work. I’m sure that every kid will appreciate the thought and will try to work as a team.

I would recommend the book for ages 5 and above.


Title: 4/5

Cover: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Writing and presentation: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


Christine grew up in Green Bay, WI, graduated from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Science- Animal Science, and has worked in the youth development field, for both the YMCA and Boy Scouts of America, for 9.5 years.In 2013, she was accepted to publish with Mirror Publishing. She published PB & J first, June 2014 and it took another two years to publish GUTS, June 2016. September 2017 was the start of this great new adventure, Dreambuilt Books. In 2018, She published KIND (April 2018) and RESCUE (September 2018). She is a motivational presenter for writers & librarians, connecting my career and my passions. In both 2017 & 2018, she presented several topics at UntitledTown Book Festival. She has presented for Workforce Development programming and Church Library Associations.