India’s favourite good food store – Sweet karam coffee

Indian households are used to stocking up sweets and savouries. If not homemade, there is always store bought items for snacking. These go well with tea time, coffee time and even as sides during lunch. Don’t you all agree with me.

But ever since most of us live in a nuclear set up, we miss these little edible treasures from the grandma’s, who stay far from us or for some of us who have lost them.

Let alone the snacks, the pickles , the podis and sun dried crisps are definitely part of the family traditions in the south. When we get to know the extended family is coming over from native, whether or not before packing clothes these accompaniments definitely deserve a separate baggage.

We’ve also seen this in movies where we get to see the lead reminiscing when they receive a parcel from at home it’s like a warm hug that carries the love and care from our family. Daadi ke haath ka or paati kaimanam be it the pickle or the hand pounded spice powders they truly have a different way of touching us when user in cooking.

Now that we miss all that, I recently found an online store that has almost everything you need when it comes to making your life easier with cooking.

Sweets and savouries exactly made as per the authentic recipes from different lands, the spice powders, papads, pickles and what not. Sweet, kaaram ,coffee is my newest find where I stock from sweet, savouries, crisps , podis from.

With a wide range of options to choose from their website, they also make sure that the packaging is intact and keeps the items fresh and aromatic. Their sling bag is yet another salient feature that speaks volumes about their business.

Sling bag

You could order individual items or if your confused you could even go with their combos. Let alone normal days they have combos for festivals as well.

Traditionally made vadams in a combo

Sweets and savouries that are made especially for occasions are made into adorable bundle packs that can not only be purchased for personal use but also great for gifting purposes.

Sweet karam coffee aims to bring back memories associated with childhood by letting us bring home traditional Indian delights with their team of home chefs and small home brands. In addition to Indian traditional delicacies they also cater to homemade chocolate, peanut butter, cream bun, brownies for the current generation with healthy ingredients and homemade twist.

They are India’s favourite destination for good food for the entire family. With Janmashtami coming up they do have a special combo bag that houses sweets and savories that are made for the occasion. They offer pan India delivery and the bags should be pre-ordered so that you could enjoy these traditional delicacies during Janmashtami without any hassles from the comfort of our homes.

Source : Sweet karam coffee