Review of The speaking stone


Mumbai, December 2016: A young man found an ancient-looking piece of stone with strange images and Sanskrit inscriptions. A quest to know the origin of the stone brought him to the distant part of the country. Chandannagar, December 2016: A young vivacious historian woman read an old book on a century-old secret story about a little known part of the country. Her curiosity got the better of her as the book disappeared mysteriously before she could complete it. She reached a sleepy quaint state of the country to satiate her curiosity. Eventually they both met and their search began from the city museum to a far-flung rock mountain which revealed a century-old story of a seductive danseuse, her enigmatic lover, a string of her admirers, a painter with a photographic memory, a bird that could speak in many voices, a benevolent king and a gruesome conspiracy. And the most important clue to decode the final secret was with the missing part of The Speaking Stone But in the process of unearthing old secrets their lives were also in danger… To know more read… The Speaking Stone


A historic fiction that keeps you glued till the end. Loved how the author kept varying the narration between two periods.

Saikat, a rich boy who loves to spend comes across a vendor on the roadside selling artifacts. He is taken aback by a half stone that the vendor was selling and decides to buy.
Upon further research comes to know that it has ancient history and wants to find out the remaining part.
The stone traces its origin to Tripura. Shuvasini , a girl who is also researching ancient history is fascinated by Tripura’s ancient discoveries.
She along with Saikat decide to find the mystery behind the stone. The stone belongs to ancient period and involves story with a King , danseuse and many more.
The stone has various scriptures which are to reveal much more information about the ancient period.

The narration was simple and lucid and keeps suspense till the end. A very good plot equally supported by good illustrations and narration makes it a great read.

Ratnadip Acharya is the author of two successful novels, Life is Always Aimless… Unless you love it and Paradise Lost & Regained. He is a columnist for the Speaking Tree in The Times of India. He contributed many write-ups in different collections of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Sophia and son, Akash. He can be contacted via the following channels Website: Facebook: Facebook:, Instagram: Twitter:

Review of the forbidden quest of Mysore


Around 1500 a famous astrophysicist Yagnabhatta created an ancient enigma, Gandabaerunda. To protect it from falling into the wrong hands, the great King Krishna Devaraya hid it in Mysore. Ever since then, the chase behind it has never stopped. Back in 2017, there lived a self-claimed archaeologist, Amar. He loved an intellectual girl, Pooja. Like every other Indian love story, they too had hurdles. Pooja was elder, and her father was rich. Their families were of a different caste and spoke different languages. Yet they never stopped loving each other. Embrace into the city of palaces as Amar and Pooja go in search of an impossible mission. Can the couple overcome the trials to decode the hidden secrets of the King Raja Wodeyar III? Can they fight the prejudices of the Indian society to get married?


This book is perfect to be judged as a romantic mystery. It starts with a love story between two people from diverse backgrounds in all aspects such as region, linguistic and economy. Amar Bharadwaj and Pooja Naidu fondly called as Poo are the love birds and the two main characters. The writings bubble with love whenever there is a mention of these two. Amar’s father was an archeologist and is suspected to have run away with the biggest secret treasure of Mysore. Hs is in the papers for all wrong reasons. Amar as a dutiful son wishes to find what his father was up to and to unveil the mystery of the so called secret treasure. Pooja works in one of the biggest IT company in Mysore, while her parents stay in Bangalore.

The story builds up as Amar tries to gather various clues that are to lead to the treasure. In this treasure hunt, we are being taken virtually to all places of historic importance and architectural excellence in and around Mysore. The parts in Mahabaleshwar and Chamundeshwari temple were extra ordinary.

The descriptions and pace of the story especially in these parts were commendable. Together Pooja and Amar set out on the quest to discover the secret weapon. They occasionally, no no very often stay at a common friends place who does help them out by making them stay at his place and of course not to forget to give a mention about his delicious food which is a favorite of Poo and Amar.

During the course of time, we see the usual struggles in love marriages- caste differences, financial background differences play a major part. Poo is emotionally blackmailed by making her mother the prey to lose interest on Amar. The cat mouse race between the father & brother of Poo and Amar is the usual interpretation. Nothing very new here.

In between we have a crucial part by Dr.Venkatacharya who discloses shocking facts about the treasure and Amar’s father. This actually brings about turning point in the story.

Does Amar discover the treasure, does he unite with Pooja, what happened to his father is the remaining part of the story for which you should definitely grab the book.

The characterization is very good, especially that of Amar as a dutiful son, a good brother, a fond lover and a determined treasure hunter.

The pace of the story was right at the needed places but I felt a romantic overdose a few places which would not be liked by all. The vocabulary is crisp and was fluent.


  • Paperback
  • Publisher:HALF BAKED BEANS (17 October 2018)

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Cover: 4/5

Title: 4.5/5

plot: 4/5

Writing and Presentation: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


Puneeth JH is an Indian writer, relishing in Germany. He indited his first book at an early age of nineteen and covet to write until he is ninety. He presently writes codes in C++ for living and stories for his love for words. He inscribes on the vivid issues of romance, feminism and mythicism.

Apart from writing, his Jekyll and Hyde tendencies make him a researcher cum programmer in the field of future wireless communication. In laymen words, he is one among the million engineers, who are trying to connect multiple smart vehicles with ultra-reliable low latency communication, so that they could drive on their own, and bring down the loss of life in road accidents.

Book blitz- Rachel’s search by Oscar Patton

A Satilla County Novel
Historical Fiction
Date Published: July 2018
Publisher: Outskirts Press
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
What does the second coming of the Klan portend for Satilla County? Is it one more sign evil is winning? Setting out to find answers, a northern-born young journalist experiences life in the deep South, the struggle to survive for whites and blacks. Her search turns personal and horrific when her best friend disappears.
Boston born journalist Rachel Mellon sees the second coming of the Klan in 1915 as more fuel on a fire already burning out of control, not only in Satilla County but around the world. To her, the new South appears to be as bad as the old, or worse. Challenged by her editor, she goes out to experience life for herself out there in the pine woods. She finds poor whites and even poorer blacks struggling to survive against great odds. She finds suffering and hatred but also hope and love. When best friend Eve disappears, Rachel’s search turns personal and horrific.
About the Author
Oscar Patton is the author of the Satilla County series of novels. He says, “I use history, memory, and imagination to create regional stories with universal, timeless themes. As William Faulkner put it, I write about the ‘human heart in conflict with itself.'”
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