Beginners guide to glowing skin

There are many ways to achieve glowing skin. Simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can do wonders in very few days. On top of it following a good skincare routine and investing in quality skincare products is a winning combination to achieve that glowing skin.
With the wedding season kicking in, here is how you unlock the secrets to glowing skin.

The term “Glowing skin” would mean different things to different people. For some, it would mean healthy skin rather than dull. To some others, it would mean the shine.

So, what does healthy glowing skin look like?

  • Smooth, with no bumps.
  • Hydrated with no dryness and cracks.
  • Even-toned with no blemishes.

Nobody could say that they have perfect skin with absolutely no imperfections. Such skin is not attainable. But certainly, healthy skin can be achieved if there is effort put in to minimize the problems that the skin is prone to and with natural characteristics.
Many people think skincare towards healthy looking skin begins with incorporating premium or luxury skincare products which is a myth. That is where companies complicate your process of choosing the right product claiming their product is the best.
But the reality is the simplest of the products with ingredients that you know about already make all the difference. Incorporating a good routine paves the way. Let’s take a look at a simple routine.


Cleansers help remove dirt, oil, and excess makeup from your skin. Using a cleanser that is mild, and pH balanced is important.


The process of removing the dead skin cells using a manual or a chemical product to achieve the same. Though the process mentions removing the dead skin cells choose a product that does not leave a harsh impact on the skin.


Moisturizing helps add hydration to the skin. Applying the moisturizer post-cleansing/exfoliation is best to seal the hydration.

Sun protection

UV rays in sunlight prove to be harmful to the skin. It could cause sun damage, burning, and early signs of aging. Hence it is always best to apply sunscreen before stepping outdoors. Always make sure to check the below factors before purchasing sunscreen.

One that has

  • Broad spectrum
  • Higher SPF
  • Suited for skin type


An activated and highly concentrated form of nutrients that the skin can readily accept to fight signs of aging or skin care problems is what the serum is. This form helps the skin cells absorb the nutrients in a much more effective way. So it is most important to choose one that suits your skin and is aimed at the skincare problems that you wish to get rid of.

A simple 5-minute massage with a face roller has numerous benefits like increasing blood flow to cheeks and reducing stress and skin puffiness.

When I mentioned choosing products with ingredients you already know of, I thought I’d also share a few products from Lotus that I recently stumbled upon.

Ubtan De-Tan radiance face wash

Along with the usual ingredients in ubtan like sandalwood powder, chickpea flour, and turmeric the facewash also contains 24K gold. The facewash enhances the skin’s brightness and delays signs of aging.
This helps brighten skin, reduce dullness, and evens out skin complexion.

Price: Rs. 220 for 100ml

Natural Baking Soda Deep Cleansing face scrub

The scrub helps buff the skin, reduce acne, and wash away impurities. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property helps in cleaning away impurities.

Price: Rs.300 for 100gm

Hyaluronic acid +Raspberry ultra-glow hydration boosting face serum

The serum aims at tackling the below skincare concerns

  • Signs of aging
  • Hydration loss
  • Uneven skin tone

Raspberry helps to even out and brighten the skin. Niacinamide helps to treat acne and improve hydration. Hyaluronic acid helps to increase hydration and reduce signs of aging.

Price : Rs.356 for 14 ml

All-natural jade roller

Helps in better penetration of skin care products used when used to massage the skin. Always use it in an upward and outward direction.

Price: Rs.716

It is good to invest in quality products to be used in skincare routine. But it is also the choice of the consumers to choose what is good for their skin and will aim to solve their problems. Also if you would like to try out the products mentioned here, you can check them out here.

V’s which help in skincare

V’s which help in skincare

I’ve already written a lot about ingredients be it spice, fruits or even condiments. So for V I decided to write about two of my favourite vegetables that help in maintaining good skin. Given that I’ve already stated benefits of tomato and cucumber let’s see what potato and carrot give us. There is also one surprise ingredient for which you will have to read till the end.



Potatoes help in brightening and even out the skin. The catacholase enzyme in potato help in lightening the skin.

The above said is the very reason that potatoes help in reducing dark circles.

Potatoes also are beneficial to provide anti ageing effects.

Potatoes help in reducing inflammation.

Potatoes help fight against free radical damage.

Potato when made as juice is a hydrating ingredient for skincare and is best when used by people who have dry skin.


BRIGHTENING: Take two teaspoons of potato juice and mix with a teaspoon of honey. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

BUGBITE: Take a slice of potato and apply on affected area. After 3-5 minutes remove the slice. Repeat if needed. This would help in lessening itching.

REDUCE PUFFY EYES: Refrigerate potato slices. Apply on the eyes and take off after 10-15 minutes.

FOR ACNE: Mix a tablespoon of potato pulp, tomato pulp and honey. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

FOR PIGMENTATION: Mix in a teaspoon of potato juice, rice flour, honey and lemon juice. Apply on to face and leave to dry. Gently scrub and wash off.

ANTI AGEING: 1. Blend one potato and two strawberries along with half a teaspoon of honey. Apply on to face and wash off in 15 minutes.
Mix 2/3 grated potato with yogurt. Adjust consistency and apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

SKIN TIGHTENING: Mix one eggs white with juice of half a potato. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

REDUCE SPOTS: Mix one tablespoon of multani mitti to two tablespoons of potato juice. Adjust consistency and apply on to face. Wash off after 15 minutes.



Carrots prove greatly beneficial to skin health. Vitamin C and beta carotene are the best of anti oxidants that can fight ageing skin.

Vitamin C helps protect against free radical damage. Beta carotene helps fight against harmful UV radiation.

Carrots are great for flushing out toxins from body when consumed. Carrots also have abundance of Vitamin A which help in flushing the free radicals.

Beta carotene in carrots also helps in healing scars and blemishes.

Including carrots in diet can help form a protective barrier against harmful UV rays and also help in hydrating dry skin.

Vitamin A in carrots is responsible for firmer and healthy skin. The beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body.

The vitamin A that carrot offers helps in dealing with oily skin from inside out.


EXFOLIATION: Mix in equal quantities of carrot juice, egg white and yogurt. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

MOISTURE PACK: Mix in a teaspoon of milk cream, honey to two teaspoons of grated carrot and few drops of olive oil. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

FACE MIST: Mix in some orange juice to rose water which is the base. Fill in to spray bottle and use when you need to refresh skin.

OILY SKIN: Mix in a cup of orange juice and a tablespoon of curd, besan and lemon juice. Apply on to face and wash off after 30 minutes.

DRY SKIN: Mix two tablespoons of grated carrot to a teaspoon of honey and milk. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

Mix equal parts of carrot juice to aloe vera gel. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.



This was the secret ingredient I was talking about. Vodka is generally prepared from potatoes, cereals and grapes upon fermentation. Contains 40% methanol and preferred more by women in social gatherings.


Vodka is a great anti ageing serum that helps in skin tightening and reduces wrinkles.

Vodka works as an anti septic. Helps in reducing the acne spots and also reduce dark circles.

Vodka helps in reducing pores due to its astringent properties.

Vodka is a great ingredient to remove odour from feet.

Vodka makes it easy to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

Vodka as a cleansing agent is great for removing makeup.


TONER: Mix in two to three teaspoons of vodka to two cups of water. Add lavendar or orange essential oil if needed two to three drops. Transfer to spray bottle.

CLEAR SKIN: Add in a teaspoon of vodka to freshly brewed green tea one cup. Apply this solution with a cotton pad and leave in for 5-10 minutes. Wash off.

MAKEUP REMOVER: Mix in a teaspoon of vodka to two teaspoons of water. Dab a cotton pad in this solution and apply on face. Wash off.

SMOOTH SHAVE: Immersing your razor in vodka helps to keep it rust free and keeps skin smooth after shave.

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R’s which help in skincare

R’s which help in skincare

Infused water is really good for skin and is also easily available. Water in general is really helpful in maintaining good skin. It helps to keep you hydrated and flush out toxins so that makes your skin clear and supple.

Rose water and rice water are two easily available or easy to make infused water recipes at home. Trust me they work wonders .


Fermented rice water or commonly known as rice wine helps in protecting skin against sun damage. It also helps in collagen build up and helps in preventing wrinkles due to ageing.

It helps to keep the skin supple and also is a good sunscreen.

Rice water works great for dry skin. It helps in soothing irritation caused by using products that contain SLS.
Rice water when applied topically helps in clearing out blemishes and heal irritation caused when having eczema.

Most ancient beauty rituals clearly involve usage of rice water. K-beauty products also predominantly use rice water for its ability to give you flawless skin.

Its an extremely easy DIY at home and brims with skin nutrients though the name looks very humble.

Rice water that is starchy helps in toning and tightening the pores on oily skin.

The starch found in rice water helps in improving and repairing the natural barrier of the skin.Because when this barrier is compromised skin is exposed to various infections.


Take a handful of rice. Rinse in water for about 3-4 times until water runs clear. Soak the rice in water that is of 3 times the quantity of rice. After 30 minutes. Drain the rice and store the water in refrigerator. Use this up to two weeks.

Take a handful of rice. Rinse in water for about 3-4 times until water runs clear. Soak the rice in water that is of 3 times the quantity of rice. Boil the content. Once rice is cooked, collect only the water and store in refrigerator.Use up to two weeks.

Take a handful of rice. Rinse in water for about 3-4 times until water runs clear. Soak the rice in water that is of 3 times the quantity of rice. Close and leave it in room temperature for about two days. Drain and collect the water and refrigerate. Use up to two weeks.


Rice water can be used as a cleanser, toner , foot soak and can also be mixed in bath water.


Rose water is obtained by steam distilling rose petals. It has anti inflammatory properties that help in soothing skin that is irritated by eczema.
The anti bacterial property helps in reducing acne and the redness caused by it.

It has powerful antioxidants that help in protection of cells from free radical damage.

Rose water has anti ageing properties that help in reducing wrinkles.

Using rose water as toner helps in keeping skin free from extra oil and also prevents acne, blackheads and white heads.
Rose water helps to hydrate and moisturize skin. Since it is mild it can help in reducing puffiness around the eyes.

Rose water when used in combination with natural oil helps remove make up in a gentle way. You could either use coconut oil or almond oil.

Rose water gives a burst of moisture to skin. It can be applied directly or applied when using a face mask.
You could also mix in two drops of rose water to regular moisturizer to get the hydrated effect.


OILY SKIN:Mix in a tablespoon of bentonite clay to two tablespoons of cucumber extract and two tablespoons of rose water. Apply on to face and wash off after 10 minutes.

NORMAL SKIN: Mix in a tablespoon of besan to a tablespoon of yogurt and two tablespoons of rose water. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

DRY SKIN:Mix in a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and honey. Add two tablespoons of rose water to the mixture. Apply on to face and wash off after 15 minutes.

MOISTURIZER: Mix two tablespoons of honey to four tablespoons of rose water. Apply on to face and wash off in 10 minutes.

CLEANSER: Rose water helps remove dirt and impurities which are missed by cleansers. Mix in two tablespoon of water to a tablespoon of multani mutti. Apply on to face and rinse off after 3 minutes.

MAKEUP REMOVER: Mix in a tablespoon of rose water to a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil. Dip a cotton pad in this mixture to wipe off make up.

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