Review of Ganesha

On the trail of Ganesha, the Afro-Asian calf, born by a quirk of fate and in the most improbable of circumstances in the wilds of East Africa in 1943. Then begins his journey to the Southern wilds of India and his fight for survival in those new wilds.
Born on the same day as Ganesha in a rural hamlet of Southern India is Maari, who goes on to become one of the most dreaded poachers India has ever known.
And know how their fates inevitably cross over the decades during which there are profound changes in both the political and ecological landscape of India.


I’d never imagined that the protagonist of my current read would be an elephant. What a great thought and a different one. That really made heads turn when the book came out.

Ganesha is a hybrid ( afro Asian) elephant who loses his mahout in a storm and is stuck in an island. Poacher Maari portrays the way into darkness and shows the wicked world of wildlife mafia. The evil face of poaching is portrayed well when Maari fights off his own battle. Ganesha is friends with one eye who keeps Ganesha company till the end.

The book brings out the depiction of life and death of the elephant Ganesha. The book beautifully brings out the relationship between animals and humans and how far it does affect the former when they lose a close one. The sensitive feeling of the animals has been brought out in a commendable way.

The narration is just perfect setting the stage for the whole plot to unfold. The plot is crisp and does not go to unwanted detailing. The psyche of the animals is well explained and goes to prove that they are more socially behaved than the humans.

It was a varied out of box thought of making the animal a protagonist. I enjoyed reading the book. The cover is simple and does give you an outright picture of what you would be reading about.


  • Publication date: 21 Apr 2019
  • Format : Kindle edition
  • Length: 191 pages
  • Publisher: Half Baked Beans
  • Language: English


Plot : 4/5

Writing and presentation : 4/5

Cover : 3.5/5

Title : 4/5

Overall :4/5