#childrensday Things I learnt from my child

Quite often we take kids just as they are. They are often considered as cute cuddly play things and a little human.

We fail to notice them as little humans with heart and mind just as us elders. They do have things to teach us. Yes you heard me right. Things that might help us see the world in a different perspective, a different notion of what we used to perceive is been taught to us through them.

A lot of things which I grew up watching now seem different and a whole new window through what she sees the exact same things as I did. Though it might be the same things to me and my parents, the way it’s been described and being approached by my daughter makes things even more merrier.

A small simple thing like the sun rising or the cock waking us up with a cock a doodle doo might seem like a usual phenomenon to me. But waking up to these things with so much excitement to peep from the windows and look at the hens and chicks and ask why do they make noises that early and who makes them sleep early raises the question in our minds too. Many a times she makes me think deeply on why I didn’t come up with them . Or maybe I was destined to be asked these by my daughter.

Thoughts like why should I not eat with my left hand. The only thought that’s being said is that you eat with your hands why not the left is a question we found it slightly difficult to answer. I strongly believe in not making her change but to accept her as she is.

Making them learn colouring just the way we see things is something like tying up their imaginative horses. Colouring them differently gives their imagination a new perspective. Not only that also a fresh feel to us who are used to seeing things in the same routine way.

How the sun sets Eve and the moon rising up to light up the night sky, was brought another new thing that the sun went home to rest and moon has come to relieve it. Certain things needs to be done only when the sun is out brought up such awe in me.

I really enjoy this beautiful journey of me learning things all the way in a new manner and just to take a break from our routine lives and start thinking their way.

Makes me realize life was much more fun when we were kids.

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