Do structured meals help achieve growth parameters?

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Gone are the days where a chubby kid was termed to be healthy. We were all once brought up with the notion that a kid was healthy and was of the right growth for his/her age if they are chubby. On the contrary, a lean child was thought to be sick or ill.

We are now in the time wherein the child’s growth is tracked with Growth Parameters. These parameters are the weight, height, head circumference, and now with the inclusion of BMI. I wasn’t aware of any instances where my parent or my pediatrician mentioned BMI. But yes, today it is also one of the growth parameters. Welcome to the world of Millennial parenting.

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The worry about growth parameters doesn’t start when your kid starts eating by self, but when you conceive. The ideal weight for the fetus, the length of the thigh bone, and the head circumference for each week is already there on the charts, anything less than that is something of a worry that your doctor lets you know.

The concept of structured meals is not only when the kid is out but starts from when they’re inside you. An ideal weight gain is a parameter that is fixed for pregnant mothers and her diet varies whether or not she is providing enough for the fetus. So, a healthy baby comes from a healthy mom.

Growth parameters and structured meals for kids in India are interconnected. Structured meals or proper meal planning must begin when you start solids. This not only helps the kid achieve the right growth parameters but also brings in a good eating discipline. Failing here in the first step slowly molds a fussy eater or a picky eater.

The child achieving the age-appropriate milestones also quite has a dependency on the growth parameters. Nowadays, visits to the doctor involve a mandatory graph plot against the WHO standards and a question on the milestone being attained age-appropriate.

This not only happens during the doctor visits but also since information is now available on our hands all the time, you also check instantly by making a google search or making it much easier you even have apps to plot them for you and give you a comparison report. The Grow Right Tracker from PediaSure is one such option. Just enter the data and download the report. It helps you identify the gaps and plan ways to ensure your kids #GrowRight. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? If you still have questions you can take the report along whenever you visit your child’s doctor. It reduces stress for the mothers. Try it now!

Talking about information available to us, imagine the kids, their exposure to media, peers, and the influence that can have on their eating habits. Healthy eating through properly structured meals must be practiced right from a young age. Providing kids with healthier options in a tastier and much appetizing way sure will make an impact on their food habits. By structured meal plan, I would like to stress upon planning their meal in such a way that it has all the nutrients in a right, balanced way.

But if you still do have a picky eater, don’t worry you could supplement their eating and make them achieve the right growth parameters.

Post eight months a child should have a meal pattern which should comprise three proper meals and two snacks in between them. A snack should be something wholesome and made at home. Say fruit bowl, popsicles, multigrain, or dry fruit-based snack which is all the more, healthy.

Also, make sure you observe the patterns and intervene if you see any distractions or deviations. No mood swings, tantrums during mealtime. Most importantly no gadgets or bribing with sweets to finish a meal.

Right from birth or even before that is when the body gets into rapid growth mode, both physically and mentally so make sure that the child gets what he/she needs necessarily from the beginning. Like I mentioned above your picky eater could also have proper growth with a supplement. A supplement that offers proper growth, immunity, and brain development. PediaSure could be your adequate nutrition provider supplement that helps merge the nutritional gaps of your fussy eater. Along with nutrition you also get to keep track of your child’s growth and achieve the necessary parameters.

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